Il liutaio Gianluca PoliMr Gianluca Poli was born on 6th April 1968 in Bologna, where he cultivated his passion for violin making since adolescence. He completed his studies in Cremona and graduated at the International School of violin making in ’86. In the following years, he deepened his studies in Brussels (Belgium), where he had the opportunity to specialize in restoration under the guidance of the master A. Jassogne. From 1994 until 1998 he was a student of the master Igor Moroder in Verona. The following year he returns to his native city where he actively devoted himself to the art of violin making, engaging in construction of string instruments, restorations, acoustic setup.

2011 is thirty years anniversary of his studies, begun 1982 from Cremona.
But the house of Gianluca Poli is Bologna, whose long and important tradition in the field of violin making has affected not less the style of the artisan. His production is directly inspired by the bolognese style of excellance.

Thanks to the experience, the violin maker has developed a recognizable style of construction of violins, violas and cellos also deriving from classic Stradivari.

Gianluca Poli’s instruments, (personal or derived from classic models), were purchased, as well as in Italy, even internationally, in Philadelphia, Tokyo, Seul, Beijing, and London.